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Once you have decided whether it is primary or secondary literature, click on "more..." below the article link to find the answer.experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions you’re researching.Some types of secondary source include: Textbooks; journal articles; histories; criticisms; commentaries; encyclopedias Examples of secondary sources include: America: History and Life is the primary bibliographic reference to the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.

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In the Sciences, primary sources are documents that provide full description of the original research.

For example, a primary source would be a journal article where scientists describe their research on the human immune system.

This must be taken into account when one is attempting to arrive at the 'truth' of an event.

“In evidence-based practice, systematic reviews are considered one of the highest levels of information.” - Kysh, Lynn (2013): Difference between a systematic review and a literature review. You will need to use your academic email address (First Name.

These sources are one or more steps removed from the event.

Secondary sources may contain pictures, quotes or graphics of primary sources.Use the tabs at the top of this guide to find information on how to search for books and articles at the library, the differences between primary and secondary sources, and the basics of writing citations.Blackwell Reference Online contains online versions of authoritative reference publications in Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Cultural Studies, History, Business, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Linguistics.For a historical research project, secondary sources are generally scholarly books and articles.A secondary source interprets and analyzes primary sources.Bibliography of British and Irish History provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British empire and commonwealth, during all periods for which written documentation is available - from 55BC to the present.The Forest History Society Research Portal offers over 45,000 citations to published items on environmental history, over 30,000 photographs, and other material.When searching the biomedical literature, you will find two main categories of articles: Primary and Secondary.Primary sources include articles that describe original research.These original documents (i.e., they are not about another document or account) are often diaries, letters, memoirs, journals, speeches, manuscripts, interviews and other such unpublished works.They may also include published pieces such as newspaper or magazine articles (as long as they are written soon after the fact and not as historical accounts), photographs, audio or video recordings, research reports in the natural or social sciences, or original literary or theatrical works. Secondary sources The function of these is to interpret primary sources, and so can be described as at least one step removed from the event or phenomenon under review.


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