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The short story “I Stand Here Ironing” (1961) by Tillie Olsen is a touching narration of a mother trying to understand and at the same time justifying her daughter’s conduct.Frye interprets the story as a “meditation of a mother reconstructing her daughter’s past in an attempt to express present behavior” (Frye 287).Poor Growing up The oppression of women by society has never been a secret.

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After reading "I Stand Here Ironing," I realized that I am not the only mother who has regrets about some of the things I have had to do. Like Tillie, "They were all the acts of love." We did what we had to do. Angela Weaver English Composition 1A 5 November 2017 A Guilty Mother’s Reflection in “I Stand Here Ironing” “I Stand Here Ironing”, by Tillie Olsen, depicts a fractured portrait of a girl named Emily through the memories and recollections of the narrator.

Another consequence derived from being constantly sick is that she looks fragile, “Skeleton thin” (Olsen 292).

Unfortunately, she is full aware of not fulfilling the stereotype of a girl her age and she does not like it, Olsen’s narrator clearly states: She fretted about her appearance, thin and dark and foreign-looking at a time when every little girl was supposed to look or thought she should look a chubby blonde replica of Shirley Temple.

An unnamed person has brought attention and concern to her mother expressing, “‘She’s a youngster who needs help and whom I’m deeply interested in helping’” (Olsen 290).

Emily is a nineteen-year-old complex girl who is atypical, both physically and in personality. She is the first-born of a young mother and the eldest of five brothers and sisters.


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