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In the summary, we will also discuss the emotional and physical consequences of it happening to children and adults to how their family, friends and communities are affected then some methods of prevention to show off the facts and figures of Obesity around the world.Obesity is a mental condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an impact or effect on the person’s life (Harvard, 2016)....- In the past years, Childhood obesity has eventually been a big issue in the United States.

[tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity] - Childhood Obesity For three decades, the Healthy People (HP) initiative has in its agenda childhood obesity.An abnormal accumulation of body fat over an individual’s ideal body weight. There are many factors such as genetics, various combinations of hormonal, metabolic, and behavioral factors that play a role in obesity.In most of the cases, it is still hard to determine the exact causation of obesity.This epidemic has been increasing throughout the industrialized world....[tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Adipose tissue] - Obesity: The following summary essay is on Obesity around the world, the definition behind it and the top causes of it happening.The childhood obesity rates have been increasing really rapidly; it is becoming hard to control the booming rates, mostly everywhere you go you see an obese child.There are many factors that are causing the childhood obesity rates to increase within a blink.A desirable BMI for children to sustain a healthy life is between 18.5 and 25....[tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity] - Amongst one of the bigger health issues in United States children is obesity.Obesity is a condition in which a person has accumulated an excess amount of body fat that it has become detrimental to their health.To track this health professionals use the term “obese” when a person has a body mass index (BMI) of over 30.


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