Rejection Letter For Ed Applicants

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Here are some ideas on implementing a kinder rejection letter.Perhaps acting on even one of these ideas might create a kinder campus.For some, the coming weeks will be filled with joy upon receiving admittance to the the school(s) of their choice.

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Appropriate rejection letters might even express gratitude for the person’s time and perhaps an original variation on standard phrases such as, “We have found a candidate whose background better aligns with our goals.” In the old days -- I remember them well -- a letter would arrive on institutional letterhead with a human signature crafted with a pretty good pen.

Perhaps that is a rarity these days, but it helped with closure. Furthermore, the applicant is someone whose goodwill counts.

It was no small task to do all that among your other tasks and responsibilities.

You invested thought power, muscle power and that priceless commodity, time. You checked back, learned the search was still in process. Six months later, you learned through a colleague that the position was: a) filled, b) suspended, or c) not funded.

You searched your soul to determine if it was a place you truly wanted to work.

Then you wrestled with the online application system, your C. and your customized cover letter to make sure that your skills and aptitudes clearly match the slot that was open and that no boxes went unchecked.You will have plenty of time to apply regular decision to colleges where your chance of admission is brighter.Disheartening as rejection or deferral are, you can take some comfort in the knowledge that most high school graduates who want to go on to college will find a school that accepts them and provides them with an excellent education.That includes not only current students and colleagues but potential colleagues as well.Consider the compliment that the application itself gives to the institution.Some people reading this may be thinking that they would never want to work somewhere that treats an applicant poorly or leaves them in the lurch. A local poet, years ago, taught me a valuable lesson about weathering rejection.By saving and artfully arranging and shellacking many rejection letters about his poems over the years, he crafted a mammoth collage.Job searching takes courage from the applicants, and insight and coordination among those considering them.My cousin, not in academe, was downsized, got training on career search steps and told me years ago, “Everything has changed since we started working -- it’s hard, sometimes impossible, to follow up.” How right she was.Perhaps he or she is more likely to recommend your institution to a student, colleague or family member in the future if treated with care.And maybe down the road, your paths will converge -- at a conference or when you both successfully jump ship and land somewhere else We are .


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