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And that is what professional development is all about.Thank you Julie for such a enlightened view on how to reflect and eventually improve our classes. I try to see if they're auditory, visual, kinesthetic and I try to plan accordingly.Nurses who maintain an expectation of gratitude will likely experience many disappointments in life as well as in their nursing careers.

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We may only notice reactions of the louder students.

Reflective teaching therefore implies a more systematic process of collecting, recording and analysing our thoughts and observations, as well as those of our students, and then going on to making changes.

Diary writing does require a certain discipline in taking the time to do it on a regular basis.

Here are some suggestions for areas to focus on to help you start your diary.

You can also ask your students what they think about what goes on in the classroom.

Their opinions and perceptions can add a different and valuable perspective.None of these benevolent actions necessarily comes with a hard-and-fast promise that a favor will be returned, that the effort will be acknowledged, or that a material reward will be offered.It may seem unfair, but not everyone will be grateful for the gifts we give.This can be done with simple questionnaires or learning diaries for example.As a result of your reflection you may decide to do something in a different way, or you may just decide that what you are doing is the best way.Many teachers already think about their teaching and talk to colleagues about it too.You might think or tell someone that "My lesson went well" or "My students didn't seem to understand" or "My students were so badly behaved today."However, without more time spent focussing on or discussing what has happened, we may tend to jump to conclusions about why things are happening.I'll admit that as a young child, I found that advice hard to believe. Fortunately, as I grew up and gained a more mature perspective, I found that the simple joy of giving was a gift in itself.I also learned that gifts weren't limited to the material things that could be wrapped in pretty packages for special occasions.You may also describe your own reactions and feelings and those you observed on the part of the students.You are likely to begin to pose questions about what you have observed.


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