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- William Shakespeare was a very famous English poet, playwright, and actor.

- William Shakespeare was a very famous English poet, playwright, and actor.

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An example of this is in Act 1, scene 2 when Claudius talks about his late brother and is showing his love for him.

He also wants to prevent a war against Norway and talks about further business. After Claudius was killed and his father's death had been avenged, Hamlet felt a sense of peace ...

When he finds out that Hamlet is a threat to him, he is clever because he gets Laertes to do the dirty work for him and wastes no time for his pan to succeed. Hamlet waited so long is this, "The real problem of Hamlet ... In the play of Hamlet war is used many times as a archetype symbol.

Finally Claudius approaches his conflicts with quick action and his resolutions only enlarge his guilt. hamlet waited too long to seek his revenge on Claudius.

In the end, his own sword kills him because he approached his problem with haste and did not take time to think his plan through. of his seeming." Hamlet was determined to avenge his father's death, but he had to be certain that Claudius was the murderer. Hamlet as a coward as he does not go immediately to kill Claudius. Hamlet has had a particularly perfect time that he could have brutally murdered Claudius and avenged his father s death. noble to avenge his own death by killing Laertes to end the duel.

In fact he seems to take an enormous amount of time ...

Claudius was jealous of his brother and his thirsty ambition made him commit all the evil deeds that he did.

The longer he has his power, the more he wants it to last forever.

His problem is his ambition because it makes him do all the terrible things he did.

At times, he shows that he wants the best for Denmark and his family.


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