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Sample Answer Explanations Ivy Global's SAT Teacher's Manual (PDF) I have a Dream Speech - Martin Luther King Jr.

For some, the pursuit of happiness, sanity, or even survival, has been transformed.

Happy Days is a discussion about the search for contentment in its many forms — economic, emotional, physical, spiritual — and the stories of those striving to come to terms with the lives they lead.” The Times isn’t alone.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached a point of compassion fatigue where crisis and tragedy don’t penetrate our brains and hearts in a sufficiently empathy-provoking way. It’s important to know about war and economic crashes, disease and catastrophe that affect our world, but without anything to counter the heaviness, it makes for a rather desolate template.

The state of affairs starts looking hopeless, change seems elusive, and the Kardashians become infinitely more mentally digestible than foreclosure rates and bombings.

Take this example from the New York Times, published a little while back and earning hefty responses from a slew of fans.

In “The Consolation of Animals“ by Richard Conniff, the author talks about witnessing animals in their element, watching wildlife do its thing.


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