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It forces you to take a deeper look into a topic in the field and apply the things that you are learning about to create a solid study. This means that you will put what you have read into your own words. You will need to cite this source in your paper because you have taken the information from that source and you must give that author credit for their ideas.Direct Quote A direct quote is when you use the exact wording from the text.

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It means that the works of other writers can distinguish and highlight specific and important things.

In fact, using citations properly in the research paper is extremely important.

This is usually used if you want to use part of a sentence or a whole sentence to help prove your points.

You can use a direct quote if it is longer but you would need to put it in a different context in your paper.

So you should add a number of the footnote after the quotation.

After that put a citation at the bottom of the page.

You can make your research paper or other writing assignments stronger using quotations.

You can cite some key piece of studied source, and it will strengthen arguments in your paper.

In order to integrate a quote into the text properly, you should use the following elements: At the first time when you cite a source, it will be better for you to mention the author of this source as well as its title.

If you quote a source several times in your research paper and if it is central in the text you can focus more on it to emphasize its importance.


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