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The essay will also portray if these traits change or develop over the course of the story.Character traits can be identified in thinking, speaking, and actions of a person. Task Sequel to Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Introduction Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw is a play considered as a romantic humor.

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The explanation is important since it serves to resolve the conflict in the play, which ends with an immense suspense.

He explains that Eliza understood that Higgins did not like him a feature that informed her decision.

It was this theme that dominated some of his most well-known plays such as Major Barbara and......

due: World’s religions The article on world’s religions talks about ways which the religious people seek ways of transforming their lives to walk in the light.

He provides detailed commentaries on the conflicts in the play thereby making it possible for his audiences to understand the play as the discussion below portrays.

In the epilogue, Shaw explains his feelings on some of the vital features of the plot and some of his personality features that justify the conflicts in the play.

In the section, the author adopts a commentary approach as he explains the vital occurrences in the conclusion of the play.

Such is a strategic conclusion to the play given the fact that it ends in a suspense.

Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion Introduction An epilogue occurs as either a speech or section in a novel or play that occurs at the endand serves to explain the conclusion of the plot.

Bernard Shaw ends his play, Pygmalion in an epilogue.


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