Psychosynthesis Conference Rome 2012

Psychosynthesis Conference Rome 2012-78
We also spent quite a lot on a new CMS system and on 'loading up' more back issues, which were shown in the IJP annual expenditure figures, whereas these amounts came out of our capital reserves.

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but these figures are acknowledged (by the EAP Treasurer) to show a somewhat incomplete figure as the Journal revenues from the EAP Member Organisations - were shown in the Membership Income, not in the Journal Income figures.It increasingly appears that this was possibly a mistake, and that this company may be (at best) 'dubious' or there is even an external claim that it is 'fraudulent': we have therefore removed the relevant information about Impact Factors from the Home Page. They gave us an Impact Factor of 2.2; and 2.6: apparently this is based on a total of 300 published (citable) articles and 807 citations over the last 10 years (IF = 2.69 ?): and, in any one year, they say they calculate the Impact Factor by A / B: where A = the number of citations in the previous 2 years, divided by B = the total number of "citable" articles published in those 2 years.Therefore, for the 2013 figures, we apparently had 115 citations in 2011 and 127 citations in 2012: and, in 2011, we published a total of 29 "citable" articles, and in 2012, we published a total of 26 "citable" articles: but (115 127 = 242) / (29 26 = 55) does not equal 2.241, it equals 4.4; For the 2014 figure; we have A [= 127 (2012) 123 (2013)] divided by B [26 24 = 150 / 30] = 5, which again doesn't equal 2.679. No matter: we seem to be doing reasonably well, if their number of our citations is accurate. The next issue - the 'Special Issue' on Existential Psychotherapy - looks very promising and we are currently working through the peer-review process.The Editorial Board met again in Vilnius, Lithuania (there was no July 2014 meeting) this October. 2) had come out OK - albeit a little later than desired; and the November issue (Vol. There are still a few 'issues' about the IJP finances.So - we have devised a new 'system', and now we just need to make sure that it works.Courtenay is in contact with Steve Olween about being the Editor of a Special Issue on Transgenerational Trauma; and there are several articles in the 'pipe-line' for the next part of the on-going Special Issue on "Psychotherapy vs Spirituality".The new subscriptions just reflect - more accurately - the costs of producing a Journal and we are also aiming to "break even" within a year or so.We are also looking at ways to increase our circulation - particularly through the European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTI) maybe offering their trainees a special 2-year Subscription (renewable only once: i.e. We have also managed to obtain an "impact factor" of 2.2 - and (more recently) an "impact factor of 2.6 from International Scientific Indexing (ISI).However, we do have some new applicants applying to join - and we welcome any such applications. 1 (March 2014), is out on time and will be posted out to subscribers very soon.It has also now been clearly established that the IJP Editorial Board really is a proper sub-committee of the EAP Governing Board - a clarity that we have been wanting for 2 or more years, This is also now mentioned in the EAP Statutes: we have again submitted a budget for the EAP's next financial year, 2014-5. We are also beginning to consider new directions and possibilities: one of which is possibly to start developing an on-line edition of the Journal, as well as a printed version: but more about this later.


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