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The American Psychological Pattern and Reality Television In this era of America's infatuation with reality television, one show seems to prevail in keeping millions glued to their TV's week after week to scrutinize the typical, everyday people who are thrown into an extraordinary situation with the hopes of winning a million dollars.The contestants on Survivor are selected from thousands of applicants to be "stranded" in a desolate area to compete for prizes, to vie for the coveted immunity status and to scheme against others to be the last one standing.

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In a 2002 issue of Uncanny X-Men, a character with an outstanding physical mutation dealt with extreme low self-esteem and even began contemplating suicide, due to the ill treatment he was receiving from choolmates.

The boy, though, was soon convinced by the series’ superheroes that though his outward appearance was very different from other people he was no less of a human being.

With the motto "Outwit, outlast, and outplay" as their mantra, contestants are unleashed on the deserted island in a game of survival.

Not only must they survive on the minimal necessities provided for them, the must also survive the elements and the sabotage of others.

The popularity of comics has been attested as to simply be derived from the aggression that appears to revolve the many titles that exist today.

Psychology And Television Essay

Commenting on the effect of the violence displayed in comic books on children Dr.

The contestants come from all walks of life and represent the portrayal of Ray's official hero; teachers, lawyers, housewives, counselors, military veterans.

Even though they are seen as official heroes at the beginning, based solely on their record of the everyday world, the line becomes very vague between outlaw and official with some contestants as other strive to hold onto their moral values.

The arguments in regards to the effects of media on the psychology of children are endless.

In the midst of this the stand of what effect comic books have on child development is questioned.


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