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Working the other way, phrenology, where many proponents believed that a person’s personality could be assessed by measuring the shape of the skull, is now debunked. Whilst some ‘pure’ scientists refer to many of the social sciences and market research as not proper science, they do at least attempt to follow the scientific method. Check the credentials of any researchers, as it is easy to be swayed by qualifications, and pseudo scientists are very good at switching fields.For example, a professor of quantum physics typically knows less about biology than first year biology undergraduate, so why are they qualified to comment upon evolution?Astrology, Intelligent Design, Occult Studies and Phrenology are examples of quasi-sciences.

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The reason why science cannot explain everything is that often it does not care.

Most researchers are not going to waste time and resources studying a field that is full of cranks.

To summarize, the boundaries between science and pseudoscience are often blurred.

Some practices straddle the divide, like complimentary medicine, and others can begin as a pseudoscience and develop into a science.

Hypnotherapists charging many dollars an hour are not interested in healing anybody, but in making the client return week after week.

Pseudoscience often tries to create problems and mysteries that are not there, usually linked to making money.Whilst few positive results have been found, it could still be classed as a genuine field that tries to stick to the scientific method.Whether positive results are gained or not is largely irrelevant, only that the method is followed.This is the reason that the scientific method was developed, to drive the charlatans out.The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).The Bermuda Triangle spawned a range of books and films, but Occam’s razor showed that a plane or ship is statistically no more likely to go missing there than anywhere else.This was not before an extensive array of books and films about the subject.Acupuncture, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Reflexology are good examples.Physicians and consultants often refer patients, believing that there may be some benefit if these therapies are used alongside regular medicine.If they follow the scientific method, and allow scrutiny, then they may develop into a full-blown field The common denominator for the rest is money.Every pseudoscience has money or an unethical motivation at the root, and dresses crankery up as science to persuade the public.


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