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PDF Chinese as A Foreign Language: A Narrative Inquiry into Canadian Teachers Reciprocal Learning in China, Yuhan Deng PDF Enhancing Co-teaching Collaborations Through Drama Education: Exploring Challenges and Possibilities of a Drama Praxis Framework for Co-teaching, Zach Dougall PDF Challenges faced by Nigerian-Trained Teachers Teaching in Schools in Southwestern Ontario, Canada: A Case Study, IBHADE EBHALEME PDF Exploring the Mathematical Confidence and Self-Efficacy of Primary/Junior Pre-Service Teachers, Emilia Iacobelli PDF Chinese Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Cross-Cultural Experiences in Canada: A Narrative Inquiry, Chunlei Liu PDF Developing a Multiliteracies Pedagogy in Mature Female English Language Learners In Iran, Yalda Mohiti Asli PDF Examining Factors, Supports, and Transitional Resources among Students Attending Agency Schools in Southwestern Ontario, Gelsea Pizzuto PDF A Study of Graduate Students’ Information Literacy Needs in the Electronic Resource Environment, Shuzhen Zhao PDF Examining the Experiences of an International Service Learning Program in Tanzania for Canadian Teacher Candidates, Hassan Adan PDF An Investigation of Middle School Music Teachers’ Rationale and Procedure Relating to Instrumental (Band) Repertoire Selection in Southern Ontario: A Case Study., Yang Chen PDF Plagiarism education, perceptions, and responsibilities in post-secondary education., Julia Colella PDF Impact of Inquiry Based Learning on Students’ Motivation, Engagement and Attitude in Science, Dan Frezell PDF Animals Are Us: Applying the Common Ingroup Identity Model to Humane Education, Boguslawa Dorota Gatarek PDF Chinese Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Classroom Assessment at a Canadian University, Yue Gu PDF Female Underrepresentation in STEM Subjects: A Study of Female High School Students in China, Lizhi He PDF Parental Involvement of Chinese International Students in Regards to Their Children’s School Selection and Communication with Teachers, Wai Ying Ho PDF Do Profound Experiences Increase Profundity?An Ethnography of Canadian Teacher Candidates Experiences in Tanzania, East Africa, Jihan Jones PDF Undergraduate Teaching Assistants' Conceptions of Teaching, Betsy Keating PDF Exploring the Influence of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Curriculum on Chinese Graduates’ Career, Fang Lin PDF The Training of Newly Recruited Teachers in English Test Preparation Schools in China: A Case Study, Lan Ma PDF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' PERCEIVED UNIVERSITY SCHOOLING EXPERIENCE IN THE FACE OF INTERNATIONALIZATION, Anouchka Plumb PDF Exploring the Perceptions of Three Male Exceptional Students: A Hermeneutical Phenomenology, Bailey Andrea Regts PDF A Study of the Relationship Between Teachers’ Perceptions of Principals’ Transformational Leadership Practices and Teacher Morale in Elementary Schools in Southern Ontario, Chinyere Saka PDF From Windsor Teachers’ College to Faculty of Education, University of Windsor: A story of institutional change., Ana Savic PDF A Comparison of Educational Leadership in Islamic and Western Countries and a Suggestion of a Model for a Global Society, Sirous Tabrizi PDF An Exploratory Study on Chinese Students Studying in Canada on “2+2” Joint Programs, Chiyu Wang PDF Senior Chinese English as a second language (ESL) learners on their learning expectations and needs in a communicative-approach-based program in Windsor: A case study, Man Xu PDF A Study of Chinese International Students’ Classroom Participation in an International M. Program, Zongyong Yu PDF “Too Many Boys in My Major”: Exploring the Gendered Experiences of International Students at Home and Away, JIEYUN ZHAO PDF Enhancing Modern ICT in Saudi Arabian Public Schools, Alaa Almani PDF Integrating the Arts into English Learning: A Case Study of EFL Learners in a Canadian University, Chenkai Chi PDF ARAB IMMIGRANT HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS OF THEIR HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCES IN CANADA: A NARRATIVE INQUIRY, Nesreen Elkord PDF How Can American Art Museums Enhance Millennials’ Interest in Art: A Case Study of Two Art Museums, Fang Fang PDF “The finished work of art does not have to be a masterpiece! T (Breaking Barriers, Loving Yourself, Accepting Others, Similarities not Differences, Totally Inclusive Experience): Impact on Adolescent Resilience and Sense of Belonging in Secondary Schools, Kelli Lynn Sirianni PDF Family Perspectives on the Ontario Autism Intervention Program, Michelle Turan PDF Sociocultural implications on the learning of youth with concurrent disorders: Factors that are perceived as necessary for student success in mainstream classrooms, Bonnie Belczowski PDF Critical Visual Literacy: Exploring Representations of Aboriginal Peoples in Children's Literature, Patricia Dunn PDF Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Address the Gaps, Exclusions and Oversights in Active Citizenship Education, Louise Gonsalvez PDF An examination of the relationship between professional learning community variables and teacher self-efficacy, Margot Heaton PDF The Role of Parents in Maintaining Cultural Values in Vietnamese Immigrant Families in Windsor, Xuan Le Nguyen PDF Professional Learning on Twitter: A content analysis of professional learning conversations among self-organized groups of educators, Kelly-Ann K.PDF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN PHYSICAL THERAPY: MOVING TOWARD A COMMUNITY OF TRANSFORMATIVE PRACTITIONERS, Kerry Cronin Mallini PDF COLLABORATIVELY - LED LIVING LEARNING PROGRAMS: AN EXPLORATION FOR HOW COLLABORATION IS FACILITATED BETWEEN STUDENT AFFAIRS UNITS AND ACADEMIC AFFAIRS IN LLPS, Trisha Clement-Montgomery PDF BUILDING TEACHER EFFICACY: CHALLENGES OF CREATING COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE AMONG NEW TEACHERS AND VETERAN TEACHERS IN A TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENT, J Lail PDF EVALUATING THE QUALITY OF ONLINE COURSES WITHIN THE KENTUCKY COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE SYSTEM (KCTCS), Kevin R.

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(2008) Thesis, Evolution of a rehabilitation programme for chemically dependent male street adolescents in a major indian city. Coventry University in collaboration with the University of Worcester.

(2008) Thesis, How I have arrived at a notion of knowledge transformation, through understanding the story of myself as creative writer, creative educator, creative manager, and educational researcher.

University of Bath.(live connections to video clips from the text need adding Karen Riding's Ph. (2008) Thesis, How do I come to understand my shared living educational standards of judgement in the life I lead with others? The story of living myself through others as a practitioner-researcher.

Thesis (2010) Within Dialogue and Without: How has 'Being in the Unkown' become a value in my developing as a better dialogical educator? (2008) Thesis, How do I contribute to the education of myself and others through improving the quality of living educational space?

”: Perspectives of Direct Support Professionals On Implementing Art Activities As Leisure Options, Amelia M. with Purpose: Exploring a Compensatory School's Student Success Solutions, Ruxandra Bianca Nahaiciuc PDF Exploring the Facilitation of Critical Consciousness With Preservice Teachers, Barbara Anne Pollard PDF Short-Term Parent-Mediated Pivotal Response Treatment: Teaching Social Initiation to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through Question Asking, Svetlana Popovic PDF Speaking for Purpose: A Case Study of Bilingual Immersion Pedagogy Within the Chinese EFL Context, David Roman Potocek PDF Returning Year after Year: The Motivation and Retention of Coaches at Madawaska Volleyball Camp, Jennifer Straver PDF The Challenges, Tensions and Possibilities of Homeschooling: An Autoethnography of One Educator’s Homeschooled Journey, Kathleen Ann Virban PDF Classroom Engagement and Participation Among Chinese International Graduate Students: A Case Study, Beibei Xiang PDF Examining Multiple Approaches for the Preparation of New Principals: A Mixed Method Comparative Study of Two Programs, Hanin Wasel Alahmadi PDF How the Affordances Provided by a Technology-Enhanced Learning Intervention Can Impact the Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation of Students Taking a Community College Foundational Mathematics Course, Carol Barbara Carruthers PDF Women, Ableism and Schooling: Exploring the Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities and Women with Learning Challenges in a Postsecondary School Context, Kara Nicole Delicata PDF Podium Discourse: Verbal Communication in Secondary School Band Programs, Patricia Ann Hopper PDF Environmental Literacy Assessment: Assessing the Strength of an Environmental Education Program (Eco Schools) in Ontario Secondary Schools for Environmental Literacy Acquisition, Blessing Adaku Igbokwe PDF Learning Experience of Chinese International Students in Master of Education Program at a Mid-Sized Ontario University, Tian Liu PDF Is Anyone Listening? Power PDF The Outdoor Environments of Elementary Schools: A Study of Schoolyards and Playgrounds in Windsor and Essex County, Oscar Vicente PDF Factors That Influence the Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Occasional Teachers, Jillian Authier PDF Examining the Collaborative Structure in Full Day Kindergarten Educator Teams, Laura Callaghan PDF Plagiarism self-reported rates, understandings, and education among teacher candidates in a faculty of education, Julia Colella PDF Women and Educational Leadership: Exploring the Experiences of Current and Aspiring Female Educational Administrators, Kimberly Crosby-Hillier PDF Discovering Your Possibilities: From Risk to Resilience: Does the Discovering Your Possibilities Progarm Increase Academic Success and Resiliency in At-Risk Youth?

Herceg PDF A Narrative Inquiry Into Chinese Pre-Service Teacher Education and Induction in Southwest China Through Cross-Cultural Teacher Development, Ju Huang PDF L. – Experiences of Junior-Level English Language Learners in Southwestern Ontario, Nevin Murray Mac Leod PDF The Relationship between Mindset and Self-efficacy in Pre-service Elementary Teacher Candidates Teaching Science, and its Implications on Science Teaching, Stephanie Deanna Palazzolo PDF From Exceptional to Expelled: Exploring the Psychological Types of Exceptionally Bright but Academically ‘At-Risk’ University Learners, Andrea Prier PDF Identifying Student Approaches to Learning: Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor, Brandon Sabourin PDF Complexity Theory and Interprofessional Education in Health, David Scott Thompson PDF A Study of Drop-out Chinese International Students from a Canadian Pre-University English Language Improvement Program: Acculturation Experiences and Challenges, Peiyu Wang PDF Chinese Immigrants Parents and Children’s Perspectives and Behaviors in Extra-Curriculum Music Learning, Junyi Zhang PDF Investigating and Overcoming Mathematics Anxiety in In-service Elementary School Teachers, Atinuke Adeyemi PDF Navigating Curricular Change in the Visual Arts in Ontario, Peter Jonathon Bates PDF An Historical Geography of Ontario School-Board-Operated Outdoor Education Centres, James Borland PDF e-Literacy Trends in Ontario's 21st Century Education: Successes, Challenges, and Possibilities, Nathan Joseph Briffa PDF Two schools of thought on play: Rethinking Ontario's educational reform, Josie Cozzolino-Lesperance PDF Pre-service Educational Assistants’ Attitudes Toward Inclusion, John Freer PDF An Investigation of How Written Feedback Influences Applied Level Mathematics Students' Perceptions of Assessment, Rina Lynn Hyland PDF A Case Study of the Influence of Student Recruitment Agencies on Chinese Students' Decision-Making When Pursuing Higher Education in English-Speaking Countries, Yiting Jiang PDF How Undergraduate Female Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Perceive Social Media as a Learning Tool: An Exploratory Study, Alaa Ibraheem Kutbi PDF Communicatin, Conflict and Mental Health: Chinese Immigrant Parents and Their Children, Nonghong Liu PDF An Investigation of Post-Secondary Chinese Students' Perceived Challenges Learning ESL at a Canadian University, Yizhuo Liu PDF Foundational Learning and Rehabilitation: An Investigation of the Remedial Strategies of Postsecondary Violin Instructors, Vanessa Andrea Mio PDF The Perceived Impact of the LEAD Program on the Efficacy of Teacher Candidates in Diverse Classrooms, Alyssa Nicole Palazzolo PDF Leadership Experience for Academic Direction (LEAD): Perspectives from the Student Success Teachers, Dana Lina Pizzo PDF Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program Team: Perspectives from the Principal, Sara Shahbazi PDF Canadian Teacher Candidates’ Narratives of Their Cross-Cultural Experiences in China, Minghua Wang PDF On the Relationship between Complexity Theory, Professional Learning, and Lesson Study in Intermediate Mathematics Classrooms, Deidre Ann Wilson PDF An Investigation of the Challenges Experienced by Somali Refugee Students in Canadian Elementary Schools, Mohamad Najib Ayoub PDF Instructional Coaching Relationships: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, Deanna Marie Elizabeth Fougere PDF Lesson Study-Building Communities of Learning Among Pre-Service Science Teachers, Fouada Hamzeh PDF Investigating School Experiences of Vulnerable Children in Singida, Tanzania: Challenges, Strategies, and Possible Interventions, Chrispina Lekule PDF Gender, Class and Curriculum at W. Lowe Technical Secondary School, 1923-1973: A Study in Continuity and Change, Kael Rodrique Sharman PDF Project B.

(1997) How do I as a teacher-researcher contribute to the development of a living educational theory through an exploration of my values in my professional practice?

(2001) How can I as an educator and Professional Development Manager working with teachers, support and enhance the learning and achievement of pupils in a whole school improvement process?

Wainwright PDF The Role of Kentucky State-Supported Postsecondary Education in Creating a Healthier Citizenship, Julia K.



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    Impact of Professional Learning Community Design on Teacher Instruction A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership by Carol Jeanette Turner Henderson State University Bachelor of Science in Education, 1992 Henderson State University…

  • The Influence of Teacher Leadership and Professional Learning on.

    Topolinski, Christen Conklin, "The Influence of Teacher Leadership and Professional Learning on Teachers’ Knowledge and Change of Instructional Practices in Low Performing Schools" 2014. Dissertations. 265.…


    Education Dissertations Education and Educational Psychology Spring 5-2016 AN INVESTIGATION OF TEACHER AND ADMINISTRATOR PERCEPTIONS OF BLENDED LEARNING IMPLEMENTATION, STUDENT LEARNING, AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Matthew A. Correia Western Connecticut State University, [email protected]

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    A Professional Learning Community Questionnaire to determine perceptions about the effectiveness of their PLC, with descriptive statistical analysis. Nine administrators and six teachers were interviewed to obtain specific suggestions about effective PLC practices; open coding and subsequent refinement of coding revealed emerging themes.…


    PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES AND TEACHER EFFICACY A CORRELATIONAL STUDY A Dissertation by DAVID ANTHONY STEGALL Submitted to the Graduate School Appalachian State University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF EDUCATION May 2011 Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership…

  • A study of the relationship of teachers' self-efficacy and the impact.

    The study was conducted to explore the characteristics of and interrelationships between teachers’ self-efficacy and professional learning community. Specifically, this study presents a quantitative study of ten Louisiana public schools participating in the second year of the Louisiana 9th Grade Redesign Initiative.…


    Theses and Dissertations--Educational Leadership Studies Educational Leadership Studies 2015 A STUDY OF TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL PERCEPTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES Jeffrey C. Stamper University of Kentucky, [email protected] click to open a feedback form in a new tab to let us know how this document benefits you.…

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