Prodigal Son Analysis Essay

Prodigal Son Analysis Essay-20
Before the son goes to the father, he expects to be treated as a hired servant at best. The father holds nothing back to receive or to celebrate his child.

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In the face of utter rejection, the father gives a gift that impedes his own livelihood.

When the son returns to the father, the patriarch notices him from a distance, runs to him, and embraces him.

Yet, the father generously invites him to enter the celebration.

Unfortunately, I sometimes find his characterization all too familiar.

Question: In what way do you need to respond to someone in the way the father responded in the story?

For a long time, I thought the theme of the story of the Prodigal Son was forgiveness.The story begins by introducing the audience to a father who had two sons (Luke ).Immediately after the introduction, the narrator takes the reader on the journey of the younger son, his return to the father, and the response of the brother.In his discourse with his father, the older brother declares his faithfulness in his works and discloses the improprieties of his brother.He clings to what he deserves from the father rather than understanding that all that the father has is already his.He reaches his breaking point when he is starving and has to take work feeding pigs, an animal Jewish people regarded as unclean under dietary laws.When the youngest son returns home, the father actively welcomes him.He reminds his eldest of his place within the family and his portion of the inheritance.The father then calls the son to join him in the celebration.When the youngest son demands his inheritance, the father actively responds. According to Old Testament law, the younger son would receive one third of the property (Deuteronomy ).The son then leaves his father, only to squander his wealth and succumb to the perils of natural disaster.


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