Problem Solving Scenarios For Kids

Due to the restricted funds of the child care program, the teacher could buy only one.

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When nurturing problem solving in young children, it’s important to remember that the process is more important than simply finding the right solution or answer.

Be sure to slow down, allow enough time to complete the task and encourage your child to stick with it!

Here are some statements that everyone involved in a bullying situation can say to themselves or say to others.

Read the Solution Cards aloud, and have the children illustrate each card.

After reading each scenario, ask the children to think of several responses that victims and bystanders could give and the likely consequences of each response. Conduct role plays in which the teacher plays the role of a child who bullies, and children practice using the responses they’ve identified as effective.

Make sure that children have a chance to play both victims and bystanders and that the responses include asking an adult for help.

The teacher asks you how to handle the situation with that preferred toy and how to support children to solve common social problems.

Preschool children learn best from the everyday experience solving problems which are meaningful to them.

Present the children with a pre-bullying problem that might occur in their classroom (without using real names).

Talk about how your problem-solving team might solve this problem, and have the children select the Solution Cards that would work best to solve that problem.


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