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Not unlike the pilot of an airplane, a business owner spends a lot of time course-correcting.While they are often used in the brainstorming and idea phases, they can also be highly effective when problems arise.Relaxing the Stress Response Just the word “problem” has a negative tone and connotation.However, when you bring creativity into the mix, the mind often relaxes.In this way, using mind mapping for problem solving opens up solutions that might not have otherwise presented themselves.“Instead of thinking out the box, get rid of the box.” – Deepak Chopra21.“Solving problems means listening.” – Richard Branson22.It happens to even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs.You’ve built momentum for your latest project, you’re excited to embrace new challenges and you’ve visualized success at the end of the road.There are several ways to create mind maps, but the traditional method involves starting with a central hub objective from which ideas radiate and give birth to new concepts and possibilities.Images, sketches, different colors, and different styles of writing/text can be used as inspiration guides you.


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