Problem Solving Ice Breakers

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Example situations include babysitting, leading the company, or being married.After pairing participants into teams, the leader will pose this question: If you could ask just one question to discover a person’s suitability for (insert topic here), what would your question be?Say the leader chose to go with a marriage situation.

This icebreaker not only gets coworkers talking to each other, but it also gets them working with one another.

It’s quite simple: the leader gets to decide the situation the question will pertain to.

This is an excellent icebreaker activity that’s perfect for small groups and large groups alike.

Begin by asking each participant to close their eyes for one minute and consider the best moments of their lives.

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Keeping their eyes closed, ask each participant to take a moment to decide what 30 seconds of their life they would want to relive if they only had thirty seconds left in their life.

The first part of the activity enables participants to reflect back on their lives, while the second part (which we’ll discuss in a moment) enables them to get to know their coworkers on a more intimate level.

Once each person has completed this step, allow 10-15 minutes for open conversation – much like a cocktail party – where everyone quizzes each other on their three questions.

The idea is to convince others that your lie is actually a truth, while on the other hand, you try to guess other people’s truths/lies by asking them questions.


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