Problem Solving Activities For Toddlers

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A great way to start is by playing with him, and being enthusiastic about teaching him the game.There are other board games that exercise the brain but not as intensely. Board games that are played by more than two players also encourage socialization and bonding with the family and friends.4.

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Encourage your kid to list down new words that they learn by reading, including their meaning.

Test him and reward him for learning the new words.

Reading is also an activity that becomes pleasurable when done regularly.

When in school, teachers normally give students reading time.

Kids love summertime because it means a break from school.

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But breaking from school does not necessarily mean that their learning should stop.

This is because your kid can find time to practice every day, which is a necessary for him to keep improving.3.

Learn chess or play board games Chess gives the brain a great workout and many studies suggest its many brain benefits.

Observe your kid and see what his sports inclination is.

Teens 14 and above can also take up body building, which not only gives a boost to a teen’s self confidence, but is also great for long-term fitness. Learn a foreign language or learn new words Learning another foreign language is a great advantage in today’s world because everyone in the world is more connected than ever.


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