Pocahontas Myth Vs Reality Essay

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Nonetheless, for writers overseas, Pocahontas represented an opportunity to bolster a career in a challenging industry.

So when the Marquis de Chastellux, a French aristocrat, visited the Virginia plantation of Mrs.

The result is a new, Romantic reading of the story that is innovative because of its emphasis on the motivations of its characters.

This shift in focus required Davis to take significant artistic license in his portrayal of Pocahontas, John Smith, and John Rolfe, and to "make the love of the princess for Smith the primary motivation for her most famous action" – his rescue (Tilton 41).

He embellished the story slightly, adding what Abrams calls "a bit of Gaelic earthiness" (56).

His embellishments for the most part amounted to imaginative diction, a substitution of dramatic words and phrases here and there for otherwise standard narrative language.

and Disney just created this movie for entertainment.

Therefore they left out lots of important details and historical events that actually happened. She was named Matoaka, but goes by Pocahontas which means, playful one.

But the armor they showed him wearing in the movie was correct. Pocahontas got this information and told the colonists immediately. But instead when the men arrived the colonists did not set down their weapons to eat.

Each retelling has its own purpose, stemming from unique combinations of social, political, and artistic motivations.


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