Pluto Not Planet Research Paper

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Descriptive Essay Dominant Impression - Pluto Not Planet Research Paper

Scientists have spent 12 years arguing over how to classify Pluto, and a recently published paper offers a new — but surprisingly old — reason for restoring the object's planetary status.

A 2019 paper, authored by a number of distinguished planetary scientists, concluded that the argument made back in 2006, that Kuiper Belt Objects should be classified as non-planets was "arbitrary," based on their assessment of 200 years' worth of studies.

The paper argued that none of the studies (expect for one paper) talked about the non-sharing of an orbit as a criterion for distinguishing planets from asteroids.

Critics of the resolution argue that other planets in the solar system, including Earth, have not cleared the neighborhood around their orbits.

Earth, for example, regularly encounters asteroids in and near its orbit.


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