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Unary operators take only one value, for example , which takes three values; this is usually referred to simply as "the ternary operator" (although it could perhaps more properly be called the conditional operator). The addition of parentheses to show the implicit order makes this clearer: Other Language books' operator precedence section usually include "(" and ")" - with exception of a Perl book that I have. However, PHP Manual is not listed "(" and ")" in precedence list.A full list of PHP operators follows in the section Operator Precedence. It looks like "(" and ")" has higher precedence as it should be.

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The following function has the expected behaviour:function mod($a, $n) mod(-1, 8) returns 7 as expected.

a real simple method to reset an integer to a the next lowest multiple of a divisor$start Seq = $start Seq - ($start Seq % $entries Per Page);if $start Seq was already a multiple, then " $start Seq % $entries Per Page " will return 0 and $start Seq will not change.

For example:$a = 0 || 'avacado';print "A: $a\n";will print: A: 1in PHP -- as opposed to printing "A: avacado" as it would in a language like Perl or Java Script.

This means you can't use the '||' operator to set a default value:$a = $fruit || 'apple';instead, you have to use the '? $fruit : 'apple'); In addition to what Lawrence said about assigning a default value, one can now use the Null Coalescing Operator (PHP 7).

Note that PHP's boolean operators *always* return a boolean value...

as opposed to other languages that return the value of the last evaluated expression.

Hence when we want to assign a default value we can write:$a = ($fruit ??

'apple'); //assigns the $fruit variable content to $a if the $fruit variable exists or has a value that is not NULL, or assigns the value 'apple' to $a if the $fruit variable doesn't exists or it contains the NULL value_______________________________________________end of my quote...

If necessary, I wanted to give further explanation on this and say that when we write:$f = false or true; // $f will be assigned to falsethe explanation: "


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