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The research has proved, however, that mentally stable children who play violent video games are not more likely to commit any violent attacks in school than those children who don’t play such video games.Citing appropriate research will give your statements more credibility. You could point out that there are many examples of successful people who spent their free time in front of computers and didn’t just waste their time.

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It’s worth mentioning that it depends on what students are doing on the computer.

If they are, for example, learning programming, then they should be encouraged to do so. While in the past teachers used to have enough authority over their students, it seems that now students are the ones who are in charge.

You can mention how successful students can become easily frustrated if they don’t have the chance to use their full potential at school.

2This is a controversial topic especially in the U. because it appeals to the emotions of many parents.

This essay format guide can help you properly arrange the content of your essay.

Many confuse the topics for the two essay types: persuasive and argumentative.In a traditional five-paragraph essay, the body consists of three paragraphs.You may use facts and evidence as well as quotations to support your statement.The introduction is the opening paragraph that should include a hook that has the ability to catch the audience’s attention.You should also provide a guideline for your main argument, known as the thesis statement.Choosing a topic for an essay is a challenge for many students.Instead of spending hours contemplating the best possible topic for your persuasive essay assignment, you can take a look at our list of topics that we gathered so that you can save your time.You can point out the absurdity that the Greek government cannot repay its debts without borrowing more while at the same time it cannot cover the debts by tax revenues and no country is willing to lend it more money. The rapid development of technology has made some people worried about the growing influence of technology in our everyday lives.You could list the pros and cons of modern technologies and provide examples of the numerous opportunities that advanced technology can provide. It’s often the case that classrooms have a mix of successful and less successful students, and the less successful students are the ones who determine the pace.But in case you feel stuck with your essay assignment, you can also use our top essay writing service and let professional writers take care of your persuasive essay. You can also refer to research about human’s natural sleeping habits and point out the important connection between proper sleep and performance at work. Psychedelics should be legal Psychedelics are a controversial topic because they have been declared illegal under the UN conventions even if studies have shown that psychedelics are physiologically safe and do not result in addiction.By taking the side of those who support the free use of psychedelic drugs, you can convince and persuade your audience by citing the extensive medical research on this topic.


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