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An example of selective perception in Pakistan would be that mostly managers like to hire people that are of the same schooling as them.This is a biased decision just because the person has studied from the same school as them does not mean that they will have the same efficiency or knowledge as themselves.This way the right people for the job will be looked over and the wrong ones selected.

There are five senses in living things, they include; sight, touch, taste, smell and hear.

This study identifies that although there are some areas of alignment between expectations of students and teachers, there are important differences related to plagiarism, interpreting essay questions, understanding marking criteria and the availability of writing support.

The greatest differences appear not so much related to different educational backgrounds, but instead with time spent in higher education.

There is so much happening around a person that it becomes difficult to remember all that information thus by using selective perception we filter only some of the information that we notice and remember.

Selective Perception can have a very negative effect for a business in certain situations.


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