Perception Illusions Essay

Perception Illusions Essay-26
But certain fundamental perceptual and discriminatory abilities – called perceptual organisations-are built into animals and human beings from birth.Furthermore, the gestaltists challenged the view that perceptions can be divided into component elements.

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Thus the infant’s world is neither a confusion nor a chaos as it was earlier made out to be.

Of course, the infant cannot perceive all objects with the same depth of meaning and understanding as adults can.

They had tended to take the view that perception is a total act not necessarily bearing total resemblance to external stimulus characteristics.

The process of perception is not totally logical but it is, to a large extent, phenomenological.

The German philosophers made a distinction between physical reality and experienced reality or phenomenal reality.

One’ fact of experience is that perceived objects are always perceived as one and not as assemblages or discrete pieces of sensory information.

This line of explanation and experimentation was further developed by gestalt psychologists.

The ‘gestalt psychologists’ experiments on animals and birds showed that even at birth there are certain perceptual categories and abilities already present.

It has to learn to construct perceptual categories through which it can perceive the differences between various sights, sounds, smells and feelings.

The infant’s visual world is formless, shapeless and chaotic.


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