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Examinees will have 30 minutes to write an argumentative essay in response to a statement that expresses an opinion, or to write a problem-solving essay in response to a statement that expresses a problem.

Trained readers will evaluate each essay and assign a score ranging from one to five.

You cannot go back to a previous subtest nor skip to a later one. You can register for the test either online or via mail.

Late registration is possible only through internet. Seats are granted on first-come-first-served basis. Also, keep in mind the time at which results are required by the colleges you are applying to and select a test date accordingly. You are allowed to send your score report called the Official Transcript to up to three schools on registration.

This could result in admitting undeserving students and loss of resources, energy, time and money.

Besides, there shall be no set system for judging candidates. Two subtests are based on this type of testing item.The PCAT consists of approximately 280 multiple-choice questions and an essay, and candidates are given four and half hours to complete the exam.The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) endorses the PCAT as the official preferred admissions test for entrance to pharmacy college.Colleges would be in a lurch and would devise their own methods of judging students, which might not be as efficient. The primary testing item is multiple-choice questions. : There are 48 multiple-choice items in each of the five subtests; 40 of these are scored while the other 8 are experimental items.There are 240 such questions on which 5 subtests are based. One of the two subtests on writing essays is experimental. The development of the exam is the responsibility of Psycho Corp, which is a part of Pearson.It acts as an admission test for pharmacy colleges.They make sure that the test contains items suitable to its purpose and pharmacy curriculum needs.The items are selected according to the abilities, skills and knowledge that students are expected to possess by colleges of pharmacy.The PCAT is used currently by 59 of the nation’s 89 pharmacy colleges.More than 98 percent of applicants register online to take the PCAT at


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