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And mentioning rank of the school or college placement is just in bad taste.Rather, think deeply about why this school is a great fit.

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There will be space for all of that information elsewhere, so don’t try to pack it in here.

• Don’t be afraid to show your child’s vulnerabilities.

When they have stretched themselves and perhaps even been a little vulnerable, we are moved.

The element of surprise can be fun, as long as it is authentic. Run spell check, sure, but otherwise let yourself tune into the question, and feel who your child is, because that is what I really want to know,” says Sarah Ross-Bailly Bailly, an Admissions Associate for the lower school at Oregon Episcopal School, a selective Independent school in the Portland metro area.

While admissions to private schools can be competitive, the parent statement is your chance to make your child’s application stand out.

The way to do so is to write a very honest statement about your child and what you are looking for from a given school.Or perhaps math and science are your child’s fortes, but you want her to learn to express herself more effectively. In fact, this type of authenticity means that you are introspective and forthcoming.• Do not list your child’s accomplishments or resume.If you’re thinking about it for your child for the 2019-2020 school year, chances are you’ve already encountered questions like these, as part of the parent questionnaire that’s filled out during the application process.Many people haven’t written an essay like this since their own collegiate applications, and while middle and high school students are generally responsible for their own essays, pre-kindergarten and elementary school student essays normally fall to parents.You might want your child to go a school that emphasizes your spiritual values, aligns with your child’s academic interests, or matches your educational philosophy.You might want a school that encourages parental involvement in the community or one where the teachers want to keep the parents out of the classroom. Hopefully, you have done your research rather than decided to apply to every school in your area.Here’s a look at what you need to know about writing the essay for your private school applications.Be Yourself The first rule of essay-writing, local admissions officers say, is to be yourself, and write in your own voice.Your child will be writing his own personal statement and also giving a list of activities and accomplishments.Reiterating those in the parent statement is simply a waste of space and a lost opportunity.


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