Overpaid Celebrities Essay

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The stereotypical Hollywood beauty standard creates a conformity culture.Instead of celebrating diversity in beauty, we all want to look like Taylor Swift or Angelina Jolie.People of color get little representation in popular media.

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Woodley has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to feminism, since she dismisses it as a man-hating war of the sexes. Shailene Woodley’s starring roles in two young adult hits means she has a huge tween fan-base.

Because of our growing obsession with celebrity culture, her tween fans are by now well aware of her opinions on feminism.

Hollywood can’t pass basic standards of representation, yet they command significant social power.

The popularity of interviews means that celebrity culture now reaches into every aspect of actors’ personal lives and opinions.

It’s easy for informed adults to dismiss Woodley’s views, but most of her tween audience is new to feminism.

For them, Woodley’s uneducated words can do a lot more damage.As a huge movie fan, I believe in the work actors do.The entertainment industry can be a source of inspiration, powerful commentary, or great laughs.But Hollywood’s social power goes far beyond the movies it produces, and it’s time that power was checked.The solution is to disengage with the celebrity world.While women like Emma Watson use this power for good, others share their uninformed views in damaging ways.Shailene Woodley, for example, announced that she isn’t a feminist because she doesn’t hate men.We then broadcast this unrealistic beauty fantasy to every media outlet in the country and impose it on every woman.The impact that these unrealistic images have on our girls’ self-esteem is well documented, but we don’t stop.Some celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet and Keira Knightly, have spoken out about this manipulation.But these lone voices are not enough to negate the terrible impact ‘Photoshopping’ has on our culture.


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