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Othello Gcse Coursework-54
Throughout the duration of the play there are certain scenes which draw us more deeply into the events of the play and it's purpose.

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An Elizabethan approach would consider domestic abuse acceptable and normal, in which they lived in a violent world where Othello is trapped and weakened by love, exposing how women, as well as men can be susceptible to doubt and spite, due to Iago’s overbearing strength.

Patriarchy is an overwhelming force which is combatted by Desdemona to pursue her love, using her strength to go against the male-centred world.

Do I write down key quotes on each character for Each key scene or just the overall act? ) ☆ Themes (All mentioned above- will make seperate mind maps on all above themes....? - key quotes for Each character for themes: race, jealousy, gender, prejudice, appearance vs reality, manhood & honour, womanhood & sexuality, love, sex, marriage, manipulation, hate, warfare, identity.... - key quotes for Each character: language What other key quotes do I need? Anything else to create mind maps about or to include in mindmaps? Likewise, the setting of Venice is powerful and romantic, like their relationship at first, yet it moves to a military conflicting setting, which also reinforces the destruction in their relationship.

So far I've got: - key quotes for Each character: Each act/scene??? ) ☆ AO1-5 Also: When I create the nindmaps for the themes or the key quotes do I do them according to EACH act or EACH scene???? I'm also going to be creating mind maps on each individual ☆ character(s): - progression throughout play - character profiles - relationships to other characters - language used (Iago- racist.... This is reinforced in Shakespeare’s earlier play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ because both families wont accept one another creating a conflict, criticising how society allows family to decompose true love, primarily due to discrimination.

Iago is considered a ‘green ey-d monster’ suggesting through the vivid metaphor that envy is deadly and lethal, in which Iago adapts Othello’s mind-set completely, causing him to ‘smother’ his own wife.

‘Monster’ connotes the strength of covetousness and how it can consume one, whereas it also represents how monsters are imaginary, similar to his lies and deceits which he used amongst most the characters.

Historically, the Muslim and the Christian states had a dangerous war which caused an abundance of harm, advocating how Iago takes advantage of the uneasy political situation to destabilise their marriage.

A Modern male approach would strongly agree as Iago is a strong Machiavellian villain, in which Iago is a cynical, manipulative villain driven by a petty motive – not being promoted.

Though he is accepted into this society there are signs of racial prejudice which is mainly contributed by the insidious 'monster' Iago who as the audience knows 'hates the moor'.

The play is rather rare as the opening genre is a romantic comedy promoting Othello's and Desdemona's elopement, then it becomes a hopeless tragedy as Othello ignorantly murders his wife without confronting her of her infidelity.


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