Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Organisational Behaviour Assignment-15
The company formed corporate tie ups with many companies to build its brand and increase exposure.These features introduced several forms of changes in the company.It is therefore essential that the behaviour of employees should be adequately managed as per the organisational environment conditions so that they account for positive level of contribution in attaining organisational goals.

He tried to change the organizational structure to modify the corporate culture of the company.

Explain the styles and principles of conflict resolution.

Section C Answer the following in about 50 words each.

As a result, our experts are quite conversant with the tools and techniques and also the concepts that are applicable to this particular organisational behaviour subject.

Their years of experience and also the research work in this particular subject area of organisational behaviour has resulted into the significant level of development of understanding of different important concepts, tools, technique and theories of organisational behaviour.


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