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Martin's Press — one of the world's leading publishers. 200 pages of expanded, advanced material, techniques for getting the most out of your story, your characters, and yourself — created for and available only with this course. Step by step assignments you use to put together your story then email to Jerry for coaching and feedback as you work together to get your story into shape and ready to send out. A set of CDs that cover all the critical elements of storytelling. Email or call any time for personal help with any and all writing problems whether it's trouble with your story or yourself. Remember no problem is to great too conquer and none is too small to disable you. Email or call any time and let him get you back on the track. You work personally with Jerry, a master writing coach whose innovative methods have produced best selling and prizewinning writers and whose approach has been endorsed by prominent editors and authors.Play them as you ride in your car or in your Walkman. A great way to perfect your skills and techniques while you're doing other things. None of your work is ever farmed out to students or struggling writers to give you feedback and coaching — as is the case with many other online courses. Jerry's coaching techniques have produced prize-winning authors in all story media — novels, short stories, screenplays, stage plays, and nonfiction. One thing about the course is: I don't do detailed editing of manuscripts.Or you may have had a writing course or two or even a bunch, and you're still not sure what you need and what works.

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His approach has been endorsed by prominent editors and authors. Personalized help tailored to your needs of the moment and the future.

52 Weekly Lessons One full year of tutorials, exercises and insights specially designed to get you started, keep you going, and turn you into a publishable writer. So far, my students have published (Jerry's innovative methods have produced successful, prize winning, and best-selling authors.

The most important thing to keep in mind is: You can do this.

Storytelling is an acquired skill and not an inborn talent.

You can use a story you have yet to write, are writing, or have written already. If you don't have an idea, we work on finding one you like.

The truth is, and this is the single most important truth of all: If your story is set up well with the right forces at work, the writing takes care of itself.The right forces coming together will trigger your imagination and draw out of you what you have to bring your characters to life on the page in your own unique way. MORE VALUABLE THAN A YEAR OF COLLEGE WRITING COURSES. If you were to enroll in a Master of Fine Arts writing program, you would pay over ten thousand dollars for the exact same coaching and guidance. If you enroll now you will receive this special marketing consultation free.Jerry knows exactly what you get in those courses and more importantly what you don't get. What that means is, Jerry will work with you on a marketing strategy — exactly how (manuscript preparation, query letters, synopses), when (timing, how often, follow up, etc.), and where (agents, publishers, editors) to submit your work and who to submit to in order to ensure that your story gets serious consideration.Or if you decide not to sign on at any time before the 30 days, just notify Jerry then return the materials for a complete refund plus postage.You haven't taken a class because you're not sure where to turn or what to do first.You have a full set of emotions and plenty of dramatic, painful, and exciting experience to draw on.That doesn't mean you have to write about yourself.You don't have to be brilliant or write a brilliant story.You just have to master enough craft to tell a good enough story. Unlike the other arts (music, painting, dance, etc.) where you must have an inborn ability, to be a successful storyteller, you have what you need already.(Click here for student successes and endorsements.) Jerry Cleaver is the author of St. Your work is never passed on to instructors, students, or other struggling writers with no proven track record of successful coaching. Email or call any time for help with any writing problem. Whether it's help with your story or yourself, don't sit there and suffer. Help finding your subject, setting goals, and dealing with any other writing problems to insure you're not working against yourself and setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. You'll have an entire month to work with Jerry and write as much as you like while getting all the coaching and personal guidance he'll be giving you throughout the course.Martin's Press' five star, worldwide best selling writing book Immediate Fiction and has thirty years of experience giving writers what they need to reach their goals. You'll know exactly what you'll be getting and be able to decide if you want to go for it.


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