Of Truth Bacon Essay Summary

Of Truth Bacon Essay Summary-72
Friendship increases joys and lessens the intensity of grief.Man may feel lonely in a crowd in the absence of love.

Summary: In a democracy, there is no need of nobility and people are commonly quieter and do not like rebellion, when there is no nobility.

Numerous nobility causes poverty and inconvenience in a state.

Human mind is basically attracted to lies, so it dislikes truth.

The value of truth is realized only by those who have experienced and understood it.

Summary: One may wish prosperity and all the good things it brings with it; but one should admire adversity and all the good things that belong to it.

It is true greatness to be weak and yet to be careless and indifferent like a God.

There are faults of men in great place such as delays, corruption etc. One may while rising to a position use crooked methods and join sides but after reaching a position, one should become neutral. He can do many things for him and when he dies, he can fulfill his desires etc.

Summary: Aristotle’s remarks that who so likes solitude is either is a best or an angle is according to Bacon half true. If frustration is kept in heart, it causes depression and tension for man. A friend can advise and even praise and flatter us.

Summary: Revenge is uncivilized and can only be found among the brutes. Man should be forwarding looking and forget the past to brood over the present and the future.

Man does wrong to others out of his selfish love for himself.


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