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Relative deprivation can explain social movements in general.

Social movements occur when individuals believe they are not getting their fair share of political or economic power, especially in a time when others are making gains.

Relative deprivation also served as a basis to construct new poverty indexes based on incomes relative to median household income, not on absolute standards.

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John Maynard Keynes applied relative deprivation to his theory of how workers react to changes in wages, proposing that workers resist cuts in real wages specific to either them or their industry, but not ones that affect all workers.

Some analysts have even used relative deprivation to explain why people move; individuals feel deprived if they are poorer than their neighbors.

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This type of process is known as a “revolution of rising expectations.” Such revolutions are a concern in countries like China that are experiencing rapidly rising expectations.

If economic growth and social progress stalls in China, social unrest may occur.


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