Odysseus Thesis Paper

It was only when they encountered the dilapidated cabin of Baucis and Philemon that they were accorded with the highest degree of courtesy from the poor couple.The end of the story was the complete flooding of the Phrygian countryside with all that turned them away dying as a result with Baucis and Philemon being honored for their generosity by being made into priests of a new temple on top of a hill that escaped the destruction of their neighbors.

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Circe’s offering of hospitality and love, Alcinous/Phaecians being helpful by trying to get Odysseus home vs.

Poseidon’s shipwreck and finally Penelope’s hospital reception of Odysseus disguised as beggar vs. These three cases show the concept of the guest – host relationship and what the result of improper/proper hospitality on both cases was.

“After these years..my harm.” (Book V, Lines 183-190). Also, Odysseus shows more courage when he blinds Polyphemos.

He humiliates Polyphemos, without even thinking of the effects.

In the case of Calypso Odysseus was found by the sea nymph after his ship was wrecked due to the fury of Poseidon.

After which he spent seven years in the captivity of the sea nymph due to her falling madly in love with Odysseus and wanting him to become her mate.

Like a true hero, Odysseus never lost hope; no matter how bad the situation was.

Another quality of being a hero is, having courage; and Odysseus clearly conveyed this during his journey.

As stated earlier it was shown that improper hospitality towards guests had the effect of dire punishment, on the other hand it was also shown that proper hospitality resulted in a great amount of blessings (Melisa et al., 1).

In this paper three distinct parallels will be examined: Calypso’s imprisonment of Odysseus vs.


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