Nyc Department Of Education Application Essay

By the city’s own count, roughly 70 percent of its schools are segregated by race and income.

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Instead, they’re constantly on the move, going from table to table facilitating group discussions and providing feedback as students work.

Second, the students reflect the racial diversity of the city.

“Teaching something to someone actually helps me learn it better,” says Kendra.

But implementing a mastery-based approach is difficult work, even in schools like Mc Court and Maker Academy that have adopted it from the day they opened.

It ranks high on the education department’s annual school quality surveys, and it’s becoming increasingly attractive to families, with five times more applicants than seats available, according to the most recent city data.

Nyc Department Of Education Application Essay

With 1.1 million students in 1,800 schools, New York City’s school system is the largest in the country.“We have kids from the projects and kids who take Ubers.” The school’s leaders made diversity a priority before it even opened five years ago, Bauer says, when they chose not to use grades or test scores as admissions criteria.They also embraced a nontraditional educational model.A typical class may begin with the instructor in “teacher mode,” going over the day’s agenda for a few minutes, but the rest of the time is spent engaging directly with students as they work, providing feedback and support.“When kids struggle, teachers go to them,” she says. Here I’ve seen people struggle with it, but never for the whole semester.” Support extends beyond teacher interventions.“Mastery-based learning is a complete paradigm shift for most teachers,” says Salzberg.“It means thinking about grading as a way to provide feedback, and not a random act that we do because the quarter is ending.” City schools that have adopted mastery-based practices — from large, highly competitive schools like Staten Island Technical High School to small, narrowly focused programs like the Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx — have gotten some support from a small unit, the Mastery Collaborative, tucked away in the education department’s Office of Leadership.Schools in the collaborative are united not only by an embrace of mastery-based learning but also by the desire to serve a diverse student population.An analysis of Department of Education data by The Hechinger Report found that 29 of the 37 schools either meet the city’s current standard of a racially representative school or reflect (within five percentage points) their borough’s demographic makeup for at least two ethnic groups.“This school wasn’t my first choice, so I didn’t have big expectations,” says college-bound senior Kendra Castro.What Kendra found once she arrived was a deeper level of student-teacher interaction than at her previous schools.


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