North By Northwest Movie Essay

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There he is interrogated by the suave Phillip Vandamm.

Tiring of Thornhill’s refusal to admit to being Kaplan, Vandamm orders his disposal in a drink driving ‘accident’. The next day, he returns to the house with the police but there is no sign of Vandamm and so the police don’t believe Thornhill’s story.

Thornhill is forced to go on a cross-country journey to find Kaplan and prove his innocence, only to make a shocking discovery..

In every scene, Hitchcock uses the camera to convey information, establish relationships, and even tell jokes.

Seeing that no one will believe he is innocent, Thornhill goes on the run.

North By Northwest Movie Essay How To Plan A Business Trip

Thornhill knows that the mysterious spy he was mistaken for, Kaplan, has a reservation at a Chicago hotel.

It contains such Hitchcockian motifs as mistaken identity, espionage, a controlling mother, and a beautiful blonde love interest.

This collection of some of his favorite things allows Hitchcock neophytes to feel like they are sampling a buffet of everything that he returned to again and again.

Roger Thornhill is a successful advertising executive on Madison Avenue, New York.

One evening, he is mistaken for a spy called George Kaplan, kidnapped and taken to a house on Long Island.


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