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Political loyalty is evoked by nations, ethnic groups, churches, parties, and by doctraines, causes, ideologies, or faiths that form and identify associations." (Shklar, 184).Thus, loyalty is deeply affective and not primarily rational.This truth is evident in the lines where Pastan holds the speaker to allude the abrupt passing of time, stating in transition “I kept waiting / for the thud / of your crash as I / sprinted to catch up, / while you grew / smaller, more breakable / with distance.” There emerges in this scenario some painful remembrances of struggles which the mother has to bear in order to keep up with her willful duty of continuously watching over her daughter.

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(Shklar, 184) These are all characters that enhance a person's beliefs and values, and are very essential to one's personality, and, most importantly, affect the person's judgment regarding loyalty.

The above mentioned characteristics also give the individual a sense of 'identity' (if this is a quote from the article, it needs to be referenced).

"In ordinary talk the two words loyalty and obligation are generally used interchangeably as if they were identical", but it is ..more.

Middle (this is to tie in the two arguments together, as for the beginning of the sentence, that's wat I understood of the first argument, if its wrong, then change it...wanted to give u a idea for a concluding sentence) The emotional attachment to loyalty varies that from obligation.

As the other in the story confesses the part “beside you / as you wobbled away / on two round wheels”, I instantly remembered having conquered such fear the moment I sensed much calmness and peace in her well-being which gave me the strength to believe in courage no matter how high up I could get.

When the mother further tells with pride and awe “my own mouth rounding / in surprise when you pulled / ahead down the curved / path of the park”, she resembles my mother’s exaggerated attitude of showing how proud she was of me despite my naughty behavior.

Politics has formed its behavior into a universal religion, where its faith depends on loyalty and obligation.

Comments: ur last argument was very well written...made up very well might I add :) neways, I hope my comments help, cuz sometimes I really didn't no how to change some if without really knowing wat the article was about.

It appears that all throughout the piece, the mother has managed to keep a constant guidance of her daughter beginning when the daughter was only eight and had to be instructed with the basics of riding a bicycle.

Putting myself in the daughter’s shoe at this stage, I could particularly recall times of youth when I felt helpless like most other children of that age who could barely tie their shoelace nor feed themselves properly without spills or messy plates.


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