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Kristy comes in many different variations and spellings.

Constant misspellings of the name Kristy are annoying and frustrating.

Presenting personal essays requires the author to interpret the meaning of a family.

Writing such topics requires descriptions that capture the sensory environment of the family to enable the audience picture what the author is talking about.

Many people share the same name with different variations. Names can be changed, shortened, or even discarded.

What you do with your name and how you use it can be a distinguishing factor of a person's life.A good personal essay connects facts, events, sensory details and reflections to engage the target audience. INTRODUCTION The first part is an introduction, in the first paragraph, the author informs the reader about the topic.Introduction enables readers to be aware of what the writing is about.The author needs to establish the essay context and develop a framework that will enable him to approach the topic in a logical manner.Consider the following tips when writing your introduction: “No one can deny that family is the foundation of society, a family is where we start our life journey.She thought that Alexander would certainly grow up gifted, handsome and intelligent.When people say my name, they imagine “Alexander the Great” (a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon), I suppose.This name over the ages has taken several different forms. Christina then became popular and Christian was used less often. Middle names are extremely hard to keep consistent with their spelling. Some companies choose to have their domain name the name of their company or word or phrase that describes the company. The host name, domain name, and the top-level domain. Tons of middle names are made up, which makes misspellings frequent. My Chinese name was chosen by my wise grandparents. Searching for the meaning of our names is cool and curious.Alex is an awesome name, but the meaning is the contrary.


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