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An individual may not own the land, however; as long as the individual uses the land beneficially, individual use rights are established.

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Most nations are nowadays caught in its web – becoming modernized or continuing their own traditions of modernity.

As it spreads throughout the world, its common features as well as the differences between its characteristics in various countries stand out – and it is the purpose of this book to explore and analyze these common features and differences alike.

The ownership of land and mineral rights has become controversial and political in the modern era.

In Northern Nigeria the Land Tenure Law of 1962 vested land control and ownership under the control of State government.

In some areas kings historically held the land in trust and in modern time this has made the transition to government control easier.

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Historically, modernization is the process of change towards those types of social, economic and political systems that have developed in western Europe and North America from the seventeenth century to the nineteenth and have then spread to other European countries and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.[...] THE BACKGROUNDModernization and aspirations to modernity are probably the most overwhelming and the most permeating features of the contemporary scene.

Asia, Africa, and Latin America have all been influenced by the transmission of Western cultural values through direct as well as indirect contact.

By means of colonization Asia, Africa and Latin America were particularly affected as Western values were enforced upon the populations by colonial assault.

Traditionally individuals did not control the land and so land sales were not possible.

Under the agrarian land tenure system individuals’ occupation of the land was identified by the right to hold and not the actual possession of the land.


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