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Whether you plan to feed TMR (total mixed ration), graze cattle or use a combination of both, dairy cows require certain nutrients to support themselves, produce milk and grow calves.Waste management Dairies produce a lot of manure — or waste.The where, who, and why are just the start of dozens of factors that need to be considered if you are going to be successful.

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Detailed programs for herd health, reproduction and calf care are required in addition to the nutritional and financial aspects.

Work with a veterinarian, genetics specialists and Extension agents to develop a comprehensive farm plan.

If managed properly, it could become a great resource on the farm.

Aside from applying manure directly to cropland, manure can be composted or anaerobically digested.

So if you are looking to mitigate potential pitfalls in the future, we can help by bringing decades of successful dairy farm management to the table.

If it is a Herringbone milking parlor, parallel stalls or Rotary parlor, we will assist you with choosing the best design for you farm.Assign trusted workers to manage small aspects of the farm to help you achieve your farm goals.Source: Penn State Extension, 8 things you need to know before starting your own dairy.(Farm and Dairy is featuring a series of “101” columns throughout the year to help young and beginning farmers master farm living.There are a number of considerations, however, when choosing to launch a dairy farm, creamery or milk-selling business.The dairy industry is surprisingly versatile and provides materials for products you might not consider.The Business Development for Farm Businesses program incorporates self-assessment and action plan development with a range of cost-share advisory services and skills development opportunities to help producers reach their farm business goals.Let’s face it – just the thought of building or expanding a dairy farm is a daunting prospect.On this page Ontario dairy producers will find business and financial information including markets and marketing systems, computer management tools, and organic dairy production as well as information on the Growing Forward program.Growing Forward is designed to help producers improve their business planning.Check with your local Extension office or Soil and Water Conservation District — SWCDs may also offer grants to help with qualifying nutrient or manure management programs.Build equity Dairy farming requires a large capital investment.


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