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In the mirror “he can have a much more complete view of his surroundings than by direct observation, for nearly the whole of the area around him – four walls, the floor and ceiling of his room – are compressed albeit distorted, within this little disc.” (Taschen).

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In 1919, Escher tried, but was unsuccessful in joining the military due to being sickly.

In 1921, Escher decided to move to Italy and two years later, “he met Jetta Umiker, who soon became his wife.” (Brown).

In 1935, Escher and his family left Italy due to the political unrest at the time. In 1941, with World War II underway and German troops occupying Brussels, Escher returned to Holland in Baarn, where he lived and worked until shortly before his death.” (National Gallery).

However, in 1936, Escher had visited Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Maurits Cornelius Escher (1898 – 1972) is an influential artist in the field of communication design and one whom I have found to be inspiration through his many works, designs and creations. He got much inspiration from countries he lived and traveled through such as Spain and Italy. (Taschen) One can view the piece going from either direction.

Escher is a Dutch artist who was passionate about drawing and who created all his works without the use of technology such as computer. Escher’s success has contributed to the field of communication design in that he was able to create techniques and transformations in viewing objects and scenes that were innovative and inspirational. This is a very large piece woodcut printed from twenty-nine blocks.

As he traveled to Italy, he began making prints of “winding roads of the Italian countryside, the dense architecture of small hillside towns or details of massive buildings in Rome.” (National Gallery).

He also started to use the contrasts of black and white in his works as well as negative space.

In Escher's picture Circle Limit III, 1959, the map from a given fish to the one in front of it is a hyperbolic transformation. Licensed under Non-free, could qualify as fair use" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567813744"Escher understood that the geometry of space determines its logic, and likewise the logic of space often determines its geometry.

One of the features of the logic of space which he often applied is the play of light and shadow on inwardly and outwardly objects.


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