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According to the "Job Trends 2013" survey conducted by the Staufenbiel Institute, a Master's degree is the most popular qualification for 90 per cent of German companies.This is the reason why many companies advertise topics for Master's theses.The thesis supervisor will helpstudents to plan and outline the thesis, but the project needs to be anindependent piece of work and will be assessed accordingly.

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"If the topic does not knock your socks off, then it won't be any fun to write about - regardless of whether you do so at a company or at university." The industrial engineer also highlights the importance of a structured, concentrated approach for not dissipating one's energies.

Even those who make very high demands of themselves should remember that they do not need to re-invent the wheel.

Students mustdemonstrate their knowledge and skills of how to design, execute andwrite up an academic study.

In so doing, students carry fullresponsibility for the process of writing as well as the quality andcontent of their Master’s thesis.

After completing the master thesis, students will have developed:• Ability to formulate a clear research problem that fits within thefield of business administration, which has managerial and scientificrelevance.• Understanding how to frame the problem from a theoretically relevantperspective that is useful in order to research the problem statement.• Ability to develop a research design appropriate for addressing theproblem statement.• Ability to report the findings of the research properly, using a clearand well-structured presentation, correct use of language, complete andcorrect referencing.• Ability to critically reflect on the results and limitations of theresearch.• Ability to recognize and reflect about managerial relevance and/orsocietal implications of the research.• Ability to professionally manage the relationships with all involvedstakeholders, following the standard norms of scholarly conduct andethical behaviour in research.• Ability to carry out the proposed research independently and toprofessionally manage his project.

The Master’s thesis is an essential component of the BA-Master’s programspecialization Digital Business & Innovation.

"It involves the further development of company technology to convert CO2 into plastic," the 26-year-old explains.

"An extremely fascinating and innovative topic." Having written a very theory-based Bachelor thesis at university, the challenge of a Master thesis with a strong practical orientation appealed.

The opportunity to develop one's own specialist interests and become an expert also plays a major role.

The specialist knowledge students acquire during the Master's degree course is attractive to many companies.


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