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Empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences.

Empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences.

Your literature review might draw on, among others: policy documents, legislation, statistics from surveys and government sources, research studies, relevant theory, etc.

Having identified gaps in the literature and ways in which you can add value to the research, you need to present your research question and explain how the answer will add to current knowledge.

Any programme specific information or requirements takes precidence over this more general guidance.

Regardless of topic, your dissertation should demonstrate the following skills: Your first task is to choose a topic that interests you.

It should be a manageable topic - one that has not been researched excessively, nor so under-researched that there is no literature available for you to build on.

Your Academic Mentor will be able to help you with this.This guidance is designed to help you write your MSc dissertation.Please make sure that you also look at any instructions or guidance specific to your programme.Most health policy dissertations do not fit into any one methodological category or paradigm.However, they are likely to fall in one of three schools of thought: Empiricist: Dissertations which involve the use of empirical evidence even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literature.To what extent, if any, will you be able to generalise on the basis of your research? If you are doing secondary data analysis you need to describe the data set you are using and any relevant variables.If you are doing primary research you need to say how you obtained your sample, how you have ensured anonymity of participants, and address any other ethical issues. If you carry out empirical work, remember to get informed consent and ensure confidentiality (i.e.Introduction Your introduction should give details of the research topic you have decided to focus on, why the topic is of interest, what the gaps in current knowledge are, how your dissertation adds value to previous research (i.e., what is new).It should also include your research question and any sub-set of questions.Critical or criticalist: Any approach can result in criticism of health policy, but a critical(ist) approach is one that is grounded in the analysis of conflict or relationships of power.A critical(ist) approach may draw on elements of either or both of the other approaches but it is sceptical of empiricism and interpretivism because they do not necessarily question the underlying basis of the status quo.


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