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Some of the most common include: demographics, psychographics, life stages and company/ product interaction. This will be affected by the choice to use qualitative, quantitative or multi-method approaches, as well as the estimated size of the target population. This will be used by your team and agency partners to ensure that the insight you need comes from the most appropriate tools. These usually take the form of a Gantt chart, but can vary depending on the scope and length of your project.Be sure to include any non-traditional methods you plan to use as well — it’s important that your team are aware of how data will be captured, even if it is being gathered by an experimental technique. Try to break down tasks as much as possible but be wary of dependencies within your chart. Perhaps the most dreaded aspect of any research plan, budgeting is never easy. Finally, you should outline any ethical/ other considerations or issues that may arise throughout the course of your project.You may be a marketing student or you may be a brand or product manager but the requirement is still the same, you need to write a marketing research proposal either as an assignment or to support your brand or product.

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With both exploratory and confirmatory research alike, new information is likely to arise which may spark other ideas or bring light to previously unknown issues.

Remember these, but set them aside for further investigation at a later date.

You should briefly describe the contents of your proposal document and what you expect the reader to do as a result of reading it. For example if your marketing research proposal is for the pre-testing of advertising to support a new product launch your introduction may be like this… Is there any contingency in case the results are not conclusive and you need to carry out further research?

This document outlines a rationale for carrying out marketing research into consumer reaction to a series of possible advertisements targeted at the consumer group for XYZ product. So, you now have a template for how to write a marketing research proposal.

What do you believe should be included in a successful market research plan?

Share your advice with us in the comments below and join the conversation.

Travelling too far down the rabbit hole is the quickest way to overspend and under deliver on your original goal.

First, let me preface this with a reminder: every project is different.

The template comes complete with each of the sections outlined above, with instructions on usage and tips on how to make the most out of it.

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