Loss Childhood Innocence Essay

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Marjane learned many things in her room, and grew up more and more from every detail she heard.Marjane learned about the effect of the war while in her living room, resulting in her maturing too fast.This misplaced ambition – which ignores the prescribed stages of development, which encourages children to jump from concrete concepts to abstract concepts before they are ready – apart from all other considerations, is not only of dubious benefit, but as research now tells us, risks the overstimulation of some areas of children’s brains at the expense of others.

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Being on the streets of Tehran had a large impact on Marjane, causing her to grow up too soon.

To conclude, Marjane Satrapi had a hard childhood filled with war, politics, and a lot of maturing.

Not only that, even before her teenage years, she lost her childhood innocence as she watched the war around her.

Satrapi portrays her younger self as brave, smart, and most importantly, mature.

"Some parents and educators believe that a child is like a huge container.

To insure the child's success, they think it their job to fill it up with as much information as possible, as quickly as possible.

The dangers of overriding ‘readiness’ doesn’t just rest in the early years. In our current world, children are subjected to a veritable surfeit of information which, unfiltered, can destroy their innocence and produce social and emotional problems on a scale that we are only now properly recognising.

We know it for we see it everywhere – the effects of ‘too much information’, much of which is delivered via an unregulated Internet, on mental health, on self-image, on diet, self-harming and so on.

One of the many things Marjane took part in was a protest on Black Friday, which she later found out was very dangerous because many people were killed.

Marjane also led a group of her friends down the streets with nails between their knuckles to attack a boy named Ramin, taking away not only her innocence, but her friends’ also.


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