Literary Analysis Essay Odyssey

Later on, this characterization will become a measure of the changes in Telemachus.

Homer’s strong emphasis on Telemachus’ allegiance will be important later as a measure of changes in his character.

Keep in mind that at this point in the narrative Achilles has been dead at least ten years, and if he gave his consent to the marriage while at Troy, as Menelaus did, that means this engagement lasted anywhere from ten to twenty years.

Why the gods waited so long after Achilles' death remains a mystery.

In a classic Greek tragedy, hubris would be the primary character flaw of a hero, but in A prophet and friend of Odysseus who, like Mentor, remained in Ithaca to help Telemachus while his father was at war.

Like Penelope's soothsayer, his ability to read the future is questionable, but is used by Homer as a way to foreshadow things that take place later in the poem.

Though Eurymachus claims they can't go after other women, in fact, they can, but choose not to do so.

Their brash refusal to change course is a fine example of "hubris," the Greek word for pride.

Heroes often give long speeches and represent the ethos of their civilization.

Thus, they lack in what we would understand as emotional resonance and instead demonstrate honor, bravery, and courage.


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