Listening To Music While Doing Homework

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If it's noisy, it's the best alternation There are always members of my family home, and it is always quite noisy.I get asked a lot about whether students with ADHD should listen to music when doing homework. They hear something, like a dog barking, and then they want to focus on that rather than the task at hand.

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Information recall has been proven to be more effective when it’s done in a similar environment as the one it was memorised in.

Therefore, students who prefer studying in a quiet environment benefit more when it comes to recalling information later on a test.

It can hinder learning Several studies show that students who listen to music while completing tasks such as reading and writing tend to be less efficient, and don’t absorb much information compared to those who don’t listen to music.

In addition, loud or ‘angry’ music has negative effects on reading comprehension, as well as mood. Research does suggest that music helps with memorisation.

Some even say that without music, they can’t revise as it’s too quiet.

On the flip side, there are those who find music incredibly distracting and need silence to function best during work or study.

Theories indicate that by being in a positive mood, memory formation works better.

However, students who use music to help them memorise often find it hard to recall the information later as the test is taken in a silent environment.

This led them to test the results of classical music on college students’ brains.

In 1993, he reported that a group of college students increased their IQ levels as much as nine points as a result of listening to Mozart’s “Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major.” When it was reported, the media ran with it, proclaiming that ‘classical music helps kids become smarter’.


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