Life Without Electricity Essay

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Later, people started using manual washing machines.

These used compressed air and suction mechanisms to churn your dirty laundry around in the soapy water and remove dirt and stains.

Hence in the winter months, firewood was essential and keeping a fire going throughout the day served two purposes: you could cook meals over the fire while you heated up the space.

While today it’s easy enough to fill the kettle and switch it on for your cup of tea, in the old days you had to start the fire, add extra firewood, and suspend the billy can over a fire or set it over the stove.

Smoking, salting, and drying food were also good ways to extend the shelf life of produce.

Without electricity, you had to cook over an open fire, such as on a metal stovetop or over a fireplace.All meat would spoil due to lack of cooling same tih milk meat would have to be eatin right away or turned into beef jerky. And that would be a day in the life with out electricity. No entertainment possible just play football or other out door sports witch to me i would be to tired after getting to school. Before electric irons were available, the people used charcoal clothes irons and even petrol clothes irons.The charcoal models could be heated on top of a hot surface like a stove, or it could be filled with hot coals from the fireplace before you did your ironing.It’s easy to take electricity for granted, but the next time you recharge your phone or turn on your computer, stop for a moment and think about what you’d do without electricity.From the rapidly spoiling food in your fridge to the pile of unwashed laundry in your washing machine, the impact on your new life minus the electricity is profound.were some of the ways you could light up your home after dark.If you were eating, reading a book, or taking a bath after sunset, you needed to carry your lamp or candle with you to make sure you didn’t trip over or end up fumbling in the dark.So how did we live before electricity was discovered?Today electricity is readily available and it’s hard to imagine life without it.


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