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Perhaps my wife won’t like London; then the sentence is banishment and degradation into indolent, idle fool.” On the second, he wrote, “Children (if it Please God). He thinks that we should apply such techniques to our own lives. We’re hardly more advanced than the ancient Persians, who, Herodotus says, made big decisions by discussing them twice: once while drunk, once while sober. He examines a number of complex decisions with far-reaching consequences—such as the choice, made by President Barack Obama and his advisers, to green-light the raid on Osama bin Laden’s presumed compound, in Abbottabad, Pakistan—and then shows how the people in charge drew upon insights from “decision science,” a research field at the intersection of behavioral economics, psychology, and management. He points out that Benjamin Franklin used a more advanced pro-and-con technique: in what Franklin called “Prudential Algebra,” a numerical weight is assigned to each listed item, and counterbalancing items are then eliminated. and thus proceeding I find at length where the Ballance lies,” Franklin explained to a friend.) Even this approach, Johnson writes, is slapdash and dependent upon intuition.

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And since the games can be played over and over, they allow decision-makers to “rewind the tape,” exploring many branches of the “decision tree.”It would be strange to stage a war game about a prospective marriage.

Still, Johnson writes, decision science has lessons for us as individuals.

Professional deciders, Johnson reports, use decision processes to navigate this complexity.

Many of the best processes unfold in stages—a divergence stage might precede a convergence stage—and are undertaken by groups.

Some of the things I needed to consider was how I was I going to pay for school , how much it was going to cost, what colleges had the major that I was interested in, how long before I receive my degree and how I would balance family, work and school.

You may be wondering why these things are a big deal for me because these things were part of the process for me to further my education.

The steps of my process were first making sure that I had a plan in place to have time for family to keep up with what my kids needed and if I could manage being available when they needed me.

Now this is when the process begins because I needed to figure out how long I wanted to be in school because I wanted to receive my degree but my daughter graduated high school with her high school diploma, now it would something new to me and it was going to be a challenge for me because I had been out of school for a while and I place a time limit on myself that I had place on myself but .because I implemented the decision and enrolled in school in September 2010 and I have one year and seven months before I’m completed with college and I will have my degree.

Late in “Farsighted,” he recounts his own use of decision-scientific strategies to persuade his wife to move, with their two children, from New York City to the Bay Area.

Johnson starts with intuitions—redwoods are beautiful; the tech scene is cool—but quickly moves beyond them.


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