Lead Generation Business Plan

When delivering your message, it is essential to define the best medium to use to tap your potential customer on the head.With online lead generation, you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

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If the message is spot on, the emotion is triggered If they trust in the validity of your offering, they should be ready for the next part. At this point, they have made it to your landing page so you are halfway to the victory. It’s a delicate process when deciding on how much information to gather.

As a rule of thumb remember this: always ask for the minimum amount of information to properly qualify that individual as a lead.

If you weren’t aware, consumers make decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

Numerous studies show it is programmed in the cingulate cortex which is the part of the brain that handles analytical and emotional responses. Where all of the hard work, convincing and effort you put into funneling a prospective customer is put to the test.

There is no right or wrong (debatable) way to go about lead generation.

It really depends on your product offering, customer, etc.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should do sales, including cold calling, at some point of their career. Sure, many companies still pound the pavement in the traditional sense and it works out very well for them.

Before the days of the Internet, cold calling and going door-to-door was a common practice for lead generation. Others strictly hang in the clouds of the internet while relying on their website and other forms of advertising to generate online leads for them.

As with all business decisions, you need to act with the end goal in mind as was discussed in part one.

Then put the pieces in place to help you achieve that goal.


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