Lack Of Education Causes Poverty Essay

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In the early 20th century rather than the success of the students.

The foundation of most of our public schools is not geared toward benefiting all students, especially ones from lower classes.

Some believe it started somewhere in the Middle Ages.

Dependent on who one listens to, one may consider a different start time.

Americans will be living below the poverty line for another 20 years before they are ever able to escape. Hope is desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.

By then the family will have created a cycle of poverty that many, if any will never escape from. Fear is an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.He mentions continually throughout the novel that he wishes he were dead.These feelings are caused by the guilt that he carries for surviving when compared to the fate of others."Poverty has been with us since the dawn of time." (Castillo, Kathy) Poverty shows in our society as being poor as a result of lack of money, none or few material possessions, insufficient nutrition, decent housing and most of the things people think are necessary for an acceptable and comfortable life.In the time of recent efforts to reduce poverty, it has been noted that many have been surviving on their ancestors riches and their desire to improve this position; however, this has done very little to improve the dilemma of those who are living in poverty. Many of them fell on hard times and ended up in the "poor" category. Somewhere in the history of humanity, some decided to help the poor.The first attempts are considered to be where God provided for the poor in the Old Testament times such as in the story of Ruth and Boaz.Boaz allowed the widows of the community to glean in his field.A person who does not receive an education has a very small chance of making much money and acquiring skills that would bring home a desirable income.Many who do not have an education bring their family into a cycle of poverty, where their children do not necessarily have the income to go to college or even do not have a desire to acquire a high school diploma.This is caused by the pople’s lack awareness of self discipline in having vehicle.In Indonesia, there are some things especially in the road to show the pople’s lack awareness of self discipline in . Edwards was asked what could be done to break the cycle of youth crime he said “The key thing is prevention; if we can stop these kids before they start we can help them have a much better life.


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